About OnePhone®

OnePhone was founded in 2008 to capitalize on the trends of the enterprise market moving towards mobility, cloud-based solutions and smart devices. Based on the success story of the OnePhone solution as it was originally implemented by Spring Mobil in Sweden, the European market has been the first to benefit from the international expansion. With pioneering experience from the Scandinavian market for hosted and mobile enterprise communications, OnePhone is now addressing other major markets around the world. 

OnePhone: Partnering with Leading Telecommunications Operators to Deliver the Evolution of Enterprise Communications

OnePhone works with established operators to deploy, deliver and operate a local OnePhone implementation and operation. By partnering with OnePhone, an established operator can address the enterprise market for integrated mobile and hosted communications more effectively, faster, and with lower risk and cost. 

Bid Adieu to Traditional

Moving from legacy, customer premises-based solutions, such as PBXs, to a hosted, cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution is highly-beneficial for end customers. This move enables an ongoing delivery of service, with capability to easily enhance and expand the service over time as it continues to be delivered. By substituting traditional landline, mobile subscriptions, PBX and support services with a comprehensive, integrated service, operators broaden customer relationships with higher revenues per user and a higher customer loyalty. 

The OnePhone solution is a seamless integration that provides excellent end user functionalities and usability.

Reduce Costs, Expedite Time to Market

By leveraging the OnePhone solution, operators, in collaboration with the OnePhone team, can significantly reduce cost and risk of launching new services and significantly shorten time to market. By forming joint ventures as a partner with OnePhone, operators can establish focused operations that deliver a working solution and proposition, on time and at cost. This allows OnePhone partners to concentrate on what they already do best. 

OnePhone has a highly-motivated and experienced team driving innovation and speed to market. Management has worked closely together over several market deployments throughout the past ten years, growing the number of OnePhone operators in Sweden, Germany and UK. Our management team has expertise in start-up businesses, blue chip operators and equipment vendors, demonstrating invaluable experience working with operator partners on a senior level.

Growing Worldwide

OnePhone is actively bringing our innovative concept to additional countries, building upon our success and extensive experience acquired in Sweden, Germany and the UK over the past 10 years. Our joint-venture experience with world-class operators, such as Tele2, KPN and British Telecom, uniquely positions us to extend the OnePhone concept into new markets.