OnePhone Deutschland


Effective communication is the basis for excellent customer service for Gebr Kopp GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne. In the beginning of 2009 the old telephone system was replaced with the future- oriented solution from OnePhone. The result : improved accessibility, simplified handling , scalability, and individual adaptation as well as cost efficiency.

Short portrait Gebr Kopp GmbH & Co. KG

Gebr Kopp GmbH & Co. KG is a modern printing company with about 50 employees and was founded in 1956 . The range of services includes everything a modern printery has. The prepress, ultra-modern offset and digital printing presses, a wide range of processing options, as well as other services are spread over two locations. The range of services includes:

  • Prepress
  • Modern offset printing machines , digital printing
  • print finishing
  • Media Service and Logistics

The challenge

Production quality and individually tailored service to the customer is a key success factor to differentiate themselves from competitors. "Unlike the print discount stores from the internet, at Kopp every customer has 2 competent contact persons - one indoor- and one outdoor. Our customers appreciate the personal commitment in solving challenges, " said Bernd Bradtmöller , Sales manager of Kopp.

The required accessibility resulted in a variety of mobile phone contracts with high administrative costs. Due to the lack of a comprehensive mobile coverage at the production site , it also happened that people were not reachable temporarily . Another challenge was that the prepress and production is distributed between two regionally separated sites. These were only connected via an outdated ISDN system.

The solution

OnePhone implemented a proprietary mobile network at Kopp, initially parallel to the old system in order to ensure a seamless transition . All components of the classic telephone system were combined in a single solution . The mobile field service employees were included as well as those with a stationary job. Each employee received a landline and mobile telephone number and an extension . All participants are accessible from anywhere via any telephone numbers.

The high consulting fees with a contact in indoor and outdoor service per customer could be improved with the help of OnePhone solution. Through the establishment of special comtence groups ( ACD groups ) decreased the internal coordination costs and increased the connection accessibility for the customer. In addition, Kopp received its own web-based access to the administration interface . "Before, we always hd to turn to our provider with topics regarding the telephony system . Today, we can , however, solve manu things ourselves , "says Mr. Bradtmöller.

The result

By OnePhone, a customer-focused telecommunications solution is now given for the printing Kopp. The problems encountered challenges such as accessibility , location independence and network coverage could be solved. The results are reflected in customer meetings. "The fact that our employees are reachable via their landline number now almost at all times, was quickly noticed by our customers and well received. This of course increases customer loyalty and strengthens the competitive position of Kopp , "says Mr. Bradtmöller. The high requirement of efficiency is her also recognised. Regardless of where a colleague currently is, internal calls are always free. Because of individual pricing for each employee significant savings could be achieved.

The main advantages of OnePhone solution for Kopp at a glance:

  • Complete integration of both locations and the field staff
  • Effective distribution of customer calls
  • Optimal communication between internal, external and customer service
  • Scalability and seamless adaptation of the telephony requirements