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Service quality for Medica GmbH is the same as absolute availability in the entire business world. Behind every task or order ther is a human being, who needs powerful medical products and comprehensive service. Medica is for patients, doctors and clinics a reliable partner in medical technology and in 2010 they decided for OnePhone to meet these requirements with an integrated telecommunications solution.

Short portrait Medica GmbH

Medica-Technik is a supply- and service companiy in the areas of home care, medical equipment and rehabilitation technology. The company works across all interfaces together with nursing services, health insurance and private cost carriers.

The range of services includes:

  • Home Care
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Technology
  • "total care" from a single source
  • With offices and partners throughout the country and 130 employees Medica is a strong partner for the patients and institutions in the health care industry.

The challenge

The internal coordination effort between market partners and internal service centers, requires speed in call answering, instant ability to provide information when requested, a high level of accessibility of the internal know-how and support cost-optimized processes.
OnePhone implemented the full integration of PBX functions, landline and mobile numbers. At the location of the Medica in Brachbach, a proprietary mobile network was installed, which ensures the widespread availability of the telephony service on the company premises, including the warehouses and all the administrative buildings. All employees are equipped, as needed, with a desk phone or a mobile phone. All functions of the PBX are available regardless of location.

Intelligent Call Control

Medica handled a high volume of daily telephony calls. Thus, the telephone system plays an important role as it not only conveys requests, but must effectively coordinate according to content. The loss of inquiereies via telephone means a monetary loss for the company. The complexity of the accounting models in the health sector leads to a high specialization of the contact person, just to reach "anyone " means for the customer almost like a lost call. The performance of the telephone system is a success factor for the image of Medica and the associated assessment of service quality.

Four Attendant workplaces controls via a web interface the incomming calls to the telephony system. Intelligent group routing ensure that every call is routed to the correct person at the first attempt. All employees are involved according to their qualifications. This ensures that relevant and correct information without multiple connection attempts can be given.


True Flexibility - every day

The telephone system of OnePhone makes any development of the company seamless and adapts to changing of business conditions. "If it 's necessary to allow in a very short time a home office, then that is possible with OnePhone - that demonstrates the true flexibility of the solution. " Dr. Michael Ebener, CEO Medica GmbH.

Tool for cost optimization

In the optimisation process, the telephony system is an important piece of the puzzle for Medica to keep the total cost under control. The health system is characterized by cost pressures. " In addition to the optimization of telecommunications, we have also made it possible to get order information independently of work places. The flexibility of the OnePhone solution makes the picture completele and we were able to achieve a significant cost reduction for processing our transactions", says Dr. Michael Ebener.

The main advantages of OnePhone solution for Medication at a glance:

  • Seamless PBX structure - PBX, landline and mobile integrated
  • High call efficiency - Intelligent control group
  • No follow-on investments - Scalable solution