Spring Mobil success stories

Upplands Motor: Customers queuing on the phone are history

At Upplands Motor the telephone is a vital business tool. The replacement of their old telephone system by the OnePhone solution from Spring Mobil in 2004 meant that customers being held in long phone queues is a thing of the past. As customer’s expectations increase, so car dealers are finding that every aspect of their service has to be above reproach. Today’s customers make their purchase from the company that can offer the most. And easy access and availability has become the Alpha and Omega.

Spring Mobil ensures employees are always available to the client

Today Upplands Motor use Spring Mobil at all of their five outlets to ensure employees are always available to the client.

“Spring Mobil had a solution that satisfied our exacting requirements on technology, price and performance when compared to other suppliers. Not only on the purchase price, but also on functionality", says Per Rosén, CEO of Upplands Motor.

“The phone is an incredibly important tool for us. We generate revenues primarily when the phones are hot. Should customers not be able to get hold of us, there would definitely be a shortfall in revenues”

Minutes with customers ‘on hold’ significantly reduced

Since Upplands Motor changed to Spring Mobil OnePhone, the number of minutes with customers ‘on hold’ has significantly reduced, while employees have been able to action even more calls. As a bonus, the burden on the company's receptionist at the switchboard has also declined.

“Customers have noticed a clear difference and say they appreciate the proximity and direct contact with the right people which the Spring Mobil OnePhone system has enabled. I can be in Belgium or Italy and still answer the phone for calls to my office number”, says Per Rosén.

Personal phone a part of the tools in the toolbox

Standing next to a Volvo 240 is car mechanic Jerry Hokkanen. Like his colleagues, he has a personal tool box where he keeps his spanners, screwdriver, hammer, wrenches - and now his personal phone.

“I use the phone to call colleagues about client information or a job description, when the car will be delivered or for general questions. Additionally, I’m constantly available to customers”, says Jerry Hokkanen.

CEO Per Rosén is absolutely convinced that those businesses that do not adapt to customers’ expectations on ease of access will not be around for long.

“Competition makes it vital to meet customer requirements. Customers that do not get a good, efficient, reception when purchasing or servicing a car will not be coming back”.