Smart devices and high pace of new capabilities

Smart devices and high pace of new capabilities: On every office desk historically was a fixed line telephone, with a basic function of making and receiving phone calls. Then came the PC and more recently the smartphone and tablets which are embraced by employees. With the smartphone, the employee can not only access telephony services but also all the advanced functionalities that can be obtained by built-in and third party apps, and these are a source of efficiency and flexibility gains in their own right, on top of the mobility that is intrinsic to the mobile phone.

When comparing this with a traditional fixed line phone connected to a private branch exchange the limited capability of the latter is evident. What’s more is the high pace of development of mobile devices and the app ecosystems that make it possible for companies and employees to tailor their phone and solution in a way that cannot be matched by proprietary legacy systems. And using standard web technologies, access from the mobile devices can easily be integrated to IT, ERP and workflow systems.

If companies only can ensure that users of mobile phones and smartphones do not need to forego any of the functionality of their old fixed line phone, there is no limit to how they can roll out and embrace the benefits of the rapidly evolving device and app capabilities.